Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annoyance Update: NBC Promo Guy Strikes Again!

Before the new episode of Law and Order: SVU last night the NBC promo guy popped up with this reason to stay tuned for the next hour:

"Because this way you'll have an alibi!"

In the words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler - "REALLY NBC?! REALLY!?!"

God I Miss: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The other day I was watching the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and let's just say I wasn't exactly enthralled. Clearly the addition of 30 -year-old Gretchen was intended to stir up drama but the truth is, the prototype pales in comparison to the Atlanta spin-off. The Real Housewives of Atlanta had the most fascinating and delusional women yet. Sheree, DeShawn, Lisa, Kim and NeNe brought the drama week after week with moments I will never forget. NeNe's "eyes poppin', lips bussin'" description of beauty. Sheree's obsession with all things "fabalous." Lisa "boucing off the walls" at all times. And who could forget the gal with th e voice of an angel - Mrs. Big Poppa herself - Kim. I STILL find myself humming "there's a tightrope...between me and you."

So in honor of these 5 fabalous ladies here's my favorite clip from the reunion show in which Kim bizarrely explains her weave and lets a few seconds go by in which we all think she had cancer.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OMFG: Celeb Sighting at the Met!

Greetings Upper East Siders,

Tonight while waiting to retrieve tickets at will call for Madame Butterfly yours truly locked eyes with none other than Penn Badgley (Dan from Gossip Girl - duh)! I had barely recovered when who should walk past me but his other half Miss Blake Lively. Naturally being a pop culture fanatic I had a mini-freakout and may or may not have punched my friend in the arm to get her attention. I'll have you know Penn was decked out in his hipster finest and Blake is literally a giantess. Guess the opera is the one place these lovebirds don't have to fear a mobbing by fans.

You know you love me...

I'm Just Sayin': Brad Pitt Used To Be More Fun

Disclaimer: This is NOT a post about the whole Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie debate. I could care less who the man is with and I'm sick of the woe is Jen, Angie is a home wrecker plot line plastered over celeb mags weekly.

That being said, Brad used to be more fun. I watched the clips of the father-of-six on Oprah the other day and he appeared uncomfortable, unfriendly, and simply not happy to be there. Granted, sitting next to perma-bubbly Oprah makes everyone seem somber in comparison, but still the show left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The most painful part was when uber-fan Christina probed Brad about his tattoos and he flat out refused to entertain her request. I'm just sayin' when he was married to Aniston he gave us moments of pure pop culture joy not anguish.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll Never Get Sick Of: Chris Matthews Assaulting Ellen

This past March, Hardball host Chris Matthews appeared on The Ellen Show and for some reason thought it was ok to molest our dear Ellen and then cast her aside wham-bam-thank you ma'am-style. Matthews was on Ellen yesterday to make amends and while the incident is now water under the bridge I still cannot get enough of this clip.

In preparation for his return, Ellen was advised by a self-defense coach, and the look of fear on her face when she heard "Get Up Offa That Thing" was priceless. The woman is clearly scarred for life.

Obsession: Snoop D-O-Double-G

I've always loved Snoop from the time I first saw his cheekily illustrated Doggystyle album on my brother's nightstand. To this day I will never get sick of his melodic rapping on "Gin and Juice" and "Nuthin' But A G Thang." And how could I forget his short-lived variety show "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" which cracked me up on a regular basis.

This week I discovered two new reasons to be obsessed with Snoop. The first is his appearance on Total Finale Live (yes I watched it [more than once]). His performance of "Drop It Like It's Hot" was to die for despite the fact that MTV bleeped out every other word (apparently you can't say "Crips" on TV). My favorite part of the show however was when Carson was wrapping up the broadcast and Snoop was straight chilling and smoking with Kid Rock. Awesome.

The second moment was his stint on The Martha Stewart Show this week. Martha proved she could hang with the gangstas when she presented that VMA with Busta Rhymes and I give her mad props for adopting a genuine rapport with the Doggmaster (she did complete a stint in prison after all). The two made mashed potatoes while Snoop educated Martha on "Snoopluistics" and told her that where he comes from a knife is referred to as a "shank." The best part was in a later segment Martha actually called her exacto knife a shank, much to the audience's delight. Check out my new favorite odd couple below.

Pop Culture Sites: A Ranking

So since I am attempting to try my hand at blogging I decided to rank my favorite sites aka the URLs I reload approx. 10 times an hour. Criteria are as follows: reload reward (frequency of new postings), stuff or fluff (pure guilty pleasure or actually informative), ESP (how in sync with my own musings) and variety (scope of postings).

1) Popwatch
The site that popped my blogging cherry has continued to flourish over the past few years. The go-to place for all entertainment news including TV recaps, exclusive interviews, and clever comment-provoking entries.
a. reload reward: moderate (although has improved)
b. stuff or fluff: stuff - a pop culture junkie's drug den of euphoria
c. ESP: uncanny - I can't list the number of times a poster has echoed my exact sentiments (example: Michael Slezak's rant against those creep Charmin bears)
d. variety: diverse - TV, film, celebrity relationships, sports, politics, etc etc etc

2) Perez Hilton
I was apprehensive about this messy-looking site a few years back but now I proudly proclaim myself an addict. Once I got over those bizarre white scribbles I was hooked on Perez's take on the celebrity world. Plus, the site has become a reliable source of breaking news (see the death of Castro).
a. reload reward: highest - new content minutely and updates even on weekends
b. stuff or fluff: mix - up the skirt 'razzi shots regularly follow political updates and layoff reports
c. ESP: so-so
d. variety: surprising - Perez uses his power for good and sneaks in posts about any and all news-worthy topic

3) NY Magazine Blogs (Daily Intel, The Vulture, The Cut)
New York Magazine's website has three of my favorites blogs that take on pop culture in a clever, at times esoteric manner. Topics are sometimes a little too niche (translation: you'll only get them if you live in the tri-state area) but still the razor-sharp wit of the bloggers is not to be missed.
a. reload reward: high - mostly due to the fact I enjoy three of the magazine's blogs
b. stuff or fluff: stuff - Daily Intel is current-events centered, The Vulture pop culture and The Cut fashion-obsessed
c. ESP: high - now that I'm a New Yorker I finally get the inside jokes intended for Gothamites, also weekly reviews of Gossip Girl are to-die-for as they point out the numerous accuracies and fallacies of the show we all think to ourselves each Monday night
d. variety: excellent (again, 3 blogs)

4) Go Fug Yourself
My favorite fashion blog is composed of pictures of celebrities in their wackiest ensembles and comments on these atrocities. Occasional "Well Played" entries celebrate fashion successes.
a. reload reward: low - my biggest problem with the site, days go by with no new material
b. stuff or fluff: fluff - fashion critique at its bitchiest
c. ESP: right on, especially when they tackle TV fashion blunders
d. variety: none - it's all fashion, all the time

5) Television Without Pity
The preeminent source of TV recaps their tagline is "Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks." If you love to over-analyze and ruminate for hours on a show this is the place to be. They cover everything from the critically acclaimed (Mad Men) to the embarrassingly addictive (Real World Road Rules Challenge).
a. reload reward: moderate - recaps are updated frequently but much of the content is new on a weekly basis
b. stuff or fluff: mix - recaps are episode reviews sprinkled with criticism and witticism
c. ESP: right on - reading entries on my TV obsessions is like dissecting the shows with my other half, also forums allow you to connect with other addicts
d. variety: low - has branched out to include film but TV content is still the best